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Over the course of approximately 2 hours, we’ll take you through the most beautiful and interesting aspects of this city to learn about its rich and strange history as well as the weird foibles that make up Portsmouth and New Castles' culture. We mix this with the observations and opinions of your guide.  All of whom are well seasoned and eager to share their hard-earned knowledge.  Biking is thirsty work, so we often recommend our favorite local food and drinkeries!

Here at PortCity Bike Tours, we understand the value of a personal perspective. To make sure that your Portsmouth city bike tour is entertaining, informative, and genuine, we make sure our guides are knowledgeable and give them the freedom to speak to their own passions.  In other words, we don’t ask our guides to read from a script.  Each guide gives a different tour, sometimes varying day to day. All our guides are intimately familiar with the NH Seacoast and we ask them to let their personal experiences inform their tour. Think of our guides as charismatic ambassadors, striving to show you a side of the city and culture that would be hard to find on your own.

On this two hour Island Bike Tour, you'll hear about Portsmouth and New Castle's rich history. We'll stop and see a couple of historic landmarks, ride into parks, visit forts, and see the beautiful gardens. This tour is a great overview of the history and scenery in Portsmouth and New Castle, New Hampshire.    

What To Expect

  • 10 am and 2 pm

  • 2 hours long

  • 8 -14 mile

  • $46 Adult

  • $46 Child (see discounts

Additional Information

  • Easy-Moderate

  • Includes - Expert tour guide, high-end 21-speed city bike, safety equipment (helmet, bike & vest).


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IN Season May 20 - Oct 20th

Tours Monday - Sunday 9am - 5:00pm

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