Upgrade to an Electric Assist 
Bicycle With Pedego eBikes


For an electric-assist bicycle (e-bike) upgrade
save $35 off an e-bike and PortCity Bike Tour package

We have partnered with Pedego Portsmouth for ebike rentals. We occasionally receive a request for an electric-assist bike for those guests who want a little bit of assistance with the ride. We no can offer an ebike option! We have negotiated a discount rate for a rental to use Pedego e-bikes on our tours. 

We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with our neighbors Pedego eBikes on Congress Street. Their pedal-assist electric bicycle delivers smooth and instantaneous power so you can float up hills, dial up your speed, and join our tours with the greatest of ease!

If you would like an e-bike for use on our tour, please kindly arrive at Pedago at least one hour before OUR tour start time, so that Pedego can give you a proper fitting and rules for operating the ebike. Once you have been shown how to operate the eBike, you'll be brought over to the John Paul Jones House before the start of your tour. We ask that you book through them when you know the dates and times for your bike tour. Marc at Pedego will show you how to operate the e-bike and will ride you over to the John Paul Jones House for your tour. 

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