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About PortCity Bike Tours

Tammy Gewehr



Tammy brings years of experience as a bike tour guide. and former river guide. She had previously worked for UNH as a Director of the McNair Scholars Program; New England Educational Opportunity Association; Academic Counselor at Daniel Webster College and Allan Hancock College.


She has also worked at the Neverland Valley Ranch and trained two African elephants, tigers, dromedary camel, lynx, and exotic birds. Tammy is an extrovert who loves meeting new people and sharing historic stories with visitors. She loves Portsmouth history and enjoys being outdoors biking! We are super excited to have her on our team! 




We're so excited to have this guy on our team. You will love him just like we do! Social Studies teacher, bicycle enthusiast, lover of the outdoors and the NH Seacoast!


Marcus Santy has been teaching history on the seacoast since 2001. When he is not teaching you can find him at a UNH hockey game, in the garden with his family, or biking around the beautiful seacoast with PortCity Bike Tours! Marcus has always ridden bikes but became a more dedicated cyclist as he got ready to ride his first Pan Mass Challenge in 2011. Marcus loves the seacoast and all it has to offer and can’t wait to share it with you on a tour this season! 

Paul Rawlings



When not attending the University of St Andrews in Scotland (studying Modern History), you can find Paul biking the New Castle loop, SUP or windsurfing the back channel, or volunteering as a deckhand on The Gundalow. He was born and raised in the New Hampshire Seacoast and loves nothing better than to enlighten both visitors and locals about the area's rich history. Paul is excited to share two of his favorite things, biking, and storytelling, with our PortCity Bike Tour’s guests.   

Josh Novelesky



We're super excited to have this guy on our team! He will be caring for our fleet of bicycle! He's a bicycle lover and enthusiast, loves the NH Seacoast and outdoors! From York, Maine Josh has worked in local bike shops as a mechanic, and more recently, he designs custom steel. bikes We are honored to have him! He's a professional bicycle sales/service person with more than 15+ years of experience.




Steve is a retired educator who has been both a teacher and school administrator on the
seacoast and in the mountains of NH for over thirty years. He is an avid cyclist and often
commuted to work on his bike. He loves learning about and sharing the history of his hometown Portsmouth with others.
Steve is fortunate to have a friend who owns a small plane, and on occasion, they can be seen
packing their bikes into the plane for day rides on Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and other
New England destinations with airports.




Beth is retired and has learned at an early age that two wheels are a fun, efficient way to navigate the any city while traveling. After a few decades in the corporate world, Beth now enjoys meeting and touring our global visitors around the NH Seacoast. She has been living in the area and has seen the landscape change and enjoys sharing the sites and pleasures of cycling with you. When not in the city on a bike, she enjoys skiing, boating, the New England food, and travel. She’ll be happy to share many of the great known and hidden food and beverage spots in and around Portsmouth!




Our tours and routes will bring you the best points of interest in the area. I have traveled around the world trying different bike tours and want to bring the best of the best experiences to you. Our tours are personalized and are meant to be inclusive. We want all of our guests to enjoy the beauty, the scenery, and the history of the area. We’ll show you the best spots to watch the sunset, where to take in an area’s unique history, our favorite restaurants, the best ice cream and the small tucked-away breweries. I'm just asking you to pack your sense of adventure and we'll take care of the rest.

Since 2015, our bike tours have been the core of who we are, and we truly believe that the best way to see a new place is by bicycle! As a tour business, we are constantly trying to perfect our tours and bring you the best possible experience. Our local tour guides are familiar with the area and the streets of the seacoast. Our guides know the best scenic spots, the safest routes, and where to get away from the crowds and cars. We know the hidden and tucked-away places to see the Piscataqua's flowing tides and the best area to see the Atlantic Ocean, Isle of Shoals, forts, and lighthouses. We'll take you by the hidden beaches and the jaw-dropping mansions. We'll take you by the well-preserved historic buildings, and point out the famous historic homes. We'll pedal our way over to New Castle Island to visit the forts and a historic hotel. We love what we do and hopefully, it shows. 

PortCity Bike Tours is a five-star rated adventure that offers an exciting, fun, and educational way to see the city. Our experienced guides bring you to some of the city's most stunning sights and hidden gems while providing you with an informative, enjoyable, and educational tour. Whether a local or a visitor, you'll experience the city from a unique and fun perspective. Come and join us and explore the city on two wheels! 


We're thrilled each time we take a group of riders out on a tour. We all have a passion and a love for where we live and the work it has taken to preserve our history. Our small team of tour guides live in the area and are experienced riders with a deep love of New Hampshire's history and preservation.

Our team is what makes us stand out. We’re fun, funny (!) friendly people who love to share our own enthusiasm for Portsmouth, and biking on the NH Seacoast. We can also point you towards all the hidden gems on a self-guided tour whether in Portsmouth or the surrounding area. 

Here are a few of our favorite details that we feel separate us.:

  • Our guides are local, passionate, well educated, interested, funny, and just all-around wonderful. 

  • All of our guides are held to a high standard with paid training, shadowing, and periodic reviews.

  • Our guides want you to feel special and have fun but also want you to be safe while riding.

  • We keep our tours small for a one-on-one experience.

  • Our tours are limited to six to eight bicycle riders for safety.

  • All of our guides are first-aid certified, they put safety first, are very familiar with our streets, and are committed to ensuring the best possible experience. 

The PortCity Bike Tours Team 

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