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We're starting our sixth year of bike tours and are still thrilled each and every time we take a group of riders out on a tour. We all have a passion and a love of the area and the rich history.  Our small team of tour guides are local and experienced riders with a deep love of New Hampshire history and preservation.  I'm sure when you take one of our tours, you'll experience the enthusiasm and excitement as we turn each corner. The beauty of what we do is constantly changing, from the gardens of Prescott Park to the repainted historic homes, to the rapid tides of the Piscataqua River, we fall in love all over again. ​Call us geeks, call us whatever, but, you can tell we all love the Seacoast! 

New Hampshire residents are among the most independent and self-reliant in America. We have been living free since the beginning of the nation and still revel in our reputation of those who live within a bounty of nature. We take the role of protecting our land seriously, by maintaining some of the most intense conservation programs in the country. Friends who come with an open mind and appreciation of the land will be well received.

While instantly friendly, the folks of New Hampshire, especially in Portsmouth, have a deep-seated tolerance for different creeds, races, and religions. We have always insisted that everyone is entitled to live their lives the way they want to, and it’s this attitude that attracts many people to Portsmouth who wants the chance to be themselves without judgment and LIVE FREE OR DIE is our state's motto.

At PortCity Bike Tours, we want all of our customers to rave about their time with us and in Portsmouth. Our Mission Statement promises that we're going to give you our very best effort every time.

Numerous elements can make a bike tour run smoothly. How the bike tours are run, who operates them, when you ride, how much you ride and more have an influence on your getaway. Whether you’re searching for bike tours, boat tours or food tours, we invite you to look behind the scenes. Read on to learn all about the logistics, cultures and technical details of our tours.


All of our bike tours are created from our experiences in traveling around the world trying different tours. We want to share the entire PortCity Bike Tour experience with you. Our tours are personalized and include time to explore picturesque places on your bike as well as off. We’ll show you the best spots to watch the sunset, take in an area’s unique history, or local cuisine and craft beers. Tours are available for all ages and abilities. Just pack your sense of adventure and we'll take care of the rest.

There are countless details that we focus on to ensure that we provide the highest quality of service to our guests. From how we answer the phone, respond to emails, say hello, etc., we are committed to making your time in Portsmouth, New Hampshire the best it can be. Here are a few of our favorite characteristics of our bike tours that we feel separate us...

  • Our guides are educated, interested, funny and just all-around wonderful. 

  • We guarantee our legendary customer service every day.

  • We offer more tours at more times to the places you want to visit most.

  • We want you to feel special and have fun.

  • Our tours are limited to 6 bicycle riders for safety.

  • All of our guides are first aid certified, are very familiar with our streets and committed to safety. 

 Reviewed by wjprobasco

Awesome family bike tour!

"We were visiting from New Jersey and wanted to go on a bike tour of Portsmouth. My kids have never been to Maine and the tour guide swung us over a bridge into Kittery, Maine just for them! Dawn the tour guide pointed out historic sites and provided backstory. If you’re in the area, it’s well worth the time!" 

Reviewed by ASM0125

Perfect introduction to Portsmouth

"Perfect mix of history, biking, and taking in the beautiful sites. The guide was very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and friendly. I highly recommend this tour. It is not a difficult ride. It is a great way to see the amazing houses in the area."

IN Season May 16 - Oct 20th

Tours Monday - Sunday 9am - 5:00pm

Reservation Monday - Sunday 8am - 8pm

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