Visit The Historic Landmarks, Memorials, and Fortifications Bike Tour.
This is a History Lovers Tour 

Once one of the nation's busiest ports and shipbuilding cities, Portsmouth expressed its wealth in fine architecture and has significant examples of Colonial, Georgian, and Federal style houses, some of which are now museums. ​Over the course of 3 hours, we’ll take you through the most beautiful and interesting aspects of the area to learn about its rich history while stopping at several historic landmarks. We mix this with the observations and opinions of your guide.  Your guide is well seasoned and eager to share their hard-earned knowledge. We understand the value of a personal perspective. To make sure that your tour is entertaining, informative, and genuine, we make sure our guides are knowledgeable and give them the freedom to speak to their own passions. All our guides are familiar with the area and we ask them to let their personal experiences inform their tour. Think of our guides as charismatic ambassadors, striving to show you a side of the city and culture that would be hard to find on your own.

Historic Stops


  • South Street Cemetary

  • Former North End / Italian 

  • Wentworth Coolidge Mansion

  • Fort Constitution

  • Fort Stark

  • Wentworth by the Sea

  • Great Island Common

  • Prescott Park

  • Four Tree Island

  • Moffatt Ladd House

  • Haven Park - Major Fitz John Porter

  • African Burying Memorial

What to Expect
•10 am and 2 pm

• 3 hours long
• 8 -14 miles

$56 Adult

$56 Child (see discount)​ 

While water will be provided, you might consider bringing a sports drink or snack. In the summer months, sunscreen and sunglasses are highly recommended! Please print out and bring your signed waiver.

Tour Includes

• Expert guide, high-end 21-speed city bike, safety equipment (helmet & vest) and water.

• Easy with some small hills 

IN Season May 1 - Oct 20th

Tours Monday - Sunday 9am - 5:00pm

Reservation Monday - Sunday 8am - 8pm

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